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The Passion of an Engineer

Engineers are just too reticent.

Consider the airtime given to actors/actresses to dissect their portrayal of a character, or given to chefs to go into raptures about how they chop vegetables or add herbs.

By contrast engineers are disinclined to express the passion that goes into their work and sadly only command airtime when there is a disaster.

All the while Engineering companies and Institutions do themselves no favours by focusing on the facts, figures and data of the profession when trying to attract the next generation. When you are a teenager facts are not inspiring. read more

the Art in Engineering

This beautifully directed and choreographed video presents the processes in turning scrap into precision components delivered to a customer’s door.

It highlights the skills and craft behind components which most people never even think about but which are often fundamental to our daily lives.

Parts we take for granted. Parts that only get noticed when they break.

The Engineers : MetalQuest Unlimited Inc

Header artwork by Atsushi Koyama

August 2017

Emma : an apprentice role model

An apprentice with aspirations

Here’s a great example of a young lady determined to enter Engineering and find her place  in what is no doubt a male dominated team – and not a hard hat in sight!

Emma’s enlightened view is that she wants a career which, is practical, plays to her strengths, and has the advantage of earning whilst also training.

Her outlook is positive and I like the way the video presents her apprenticeship as more than just skills training. It’s also about the sense of achievement, responsibility, interacting with people of different ages, realising how you fit into society, making friends and of course also earning a living. read more

Career Guidance for Engineers

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 19.01.11Career guidance has been much maligned of late, in particular the lack of it for engineering. Just last week I discovered www.icould.com, an excellent initiative using the power of modern media.

It’s early days for icould but with the support of a growing number of companies it has the potential to be the destination for young people seeking ideas for their future across the whole employment spectrum.

For engineering there is however one very telling video. A young man, wondering what to do with his life, is sent to an engineering company, close to his home, to apply for an apprenticeship. He is eventually successful but admits that it wasn’t until the end of the second interview that he understood what the company did. read more