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Women don’t talk Engineering

If the world of public speaking is an indicator of public interests then women and engineering just don’t mix.

Women Speakers has a roster of guest speakers upon which to call. 293 highly articulate women able to present and discuss diverse subjects across 109 categories –  from art and history to gardening, education, fashion, health, business etc.  Yet nowhere does an engineer or engineering feature.

Granted there are commentators with a science background but their focus tends to be around planet earth’s issues such as ecology and global warming.

We, in the developed world, are surrounded by technology and engineering that just a few generations ago would have been inconceivable. Even the future thinkers of your great, great grandparent’s era could not have imagined the world in which many of us live today be it cooking a meal, travel, shopping, being entertained or recovering in hospital –  I could go on. read more

Venice Barriers

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 17.26.49

BBC News piece today on the first of giant barriers being installed to protect Venice against flooding.

Long video showing people walking around the beautiful city deep in water with a voice-over describing the importance preserving this world heritage site.

Yet more pictures of people in wellington boots now with a voice-over bringing in the jeopardy factor, ie. it may never be finished due to the financial situation in Italy.

More film of people walking,  or people talking,  yet not a mention of how the barrier will work, how it has been built or how complicated to install. read more