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Are we Really Surprised only 400 girls chose Engineering?

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Rosemary Bennett Social Affairs Editor

Efforts to get women into better jobs must begin at primary school, accord­ing to MPs who claim that careers advice is failing to break down persistent work segregation.

While consider­able government energy had gone into addressing the absence of women in the boardroom, little had been done to tackle the dearth of girls taking up apprenticeships in industry and science.

Only 1,200 girls were enrolled in IT apprenticeships last year and just  400 in engineering courses.  Yet there were 58,600 girls learning to be health and social care workers. read more

Engineering must Find its Voice

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 24 may 2013 – comment by barrie weaver

Even the staunchest readers of Engineer might be surprised to know that UK engineering businesses turned over some £1.06 trillion in the year ending March 2011. That’s three times the size of the retail sector or 23.9% of the turnover of all UK enterprises.

Now I admit I’m using engineering in its broadest sense but for the purpose of my discussion a more detailed definition isn’t too relevant.

Read more: http://www.theengineer.co.uk/channels/skills-and-careers/opinion/engineering-must-find-its-voice/1016381.article#ixzz2fnbVQvxz read more