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Apple’s Engineering

Apple designs, develops, and manufactures the most used and loved products in the world yet rarely do we get any insight into how these products evolve.

Since the company is highly secretive about all new development a peek into just one aspect of their design and engineering facilities is rare indeed.


Steven Levy’s recent article on BackChannel gives us an insight into the refinement that goes into any Apple creation, in this case something as simple as the touch of a keyboard.

A whole team of people just studying the movement of fingers on a key-pad.

It’s a level of detail we take for granted and yet it is those user experiences that subliminally enhance our whole relationship with the product. In the words of their career page – read more

My daughter shouldn’t have to study science

Cristina Odone wrote recently in  the Daily Telegraph complaining that her daughter should not have to study science subjects. Apparently the 12 year old’s aptitude lies elsewhere and Maths and Physics will be of no use in her future arts/literary career.

Victoria Bateman

Victoria Bateman, right, has posted a firm riposte but I’d like to add my slant too since it exposes an important issue that confronts the national image of Engineering.

From the comfort of Chelsea, where the average 2 bedroom flat costs £1.3M, Ms.Odone believes that engineering is of no importance to her lifestyle or cultural values and she wishes to impose those self same values upon her young daughter. read more