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An Engineering Hero!

I spent nearly 2 hours chatting to Sir David McMurtry, founder of Renishaw earlier this week.

Renishaw founder Sir David McMurtry

The engineering community often complains that it has no heroes to be lauded in the eyes of the greater public. Yet if ever we had such hero it is Sir David.

From humble beginnings he has built a business with a global reputation in its field. In the last 10 years alone Renishaw has exported over £2 billion worth of products, helping counter our staggering levels of imports. In addition the company is a major employer in western Gloucestershire, offers apprenticeships and graduate funding yet 99% of the British public will never have heard of this quiet, understated man. Shrewd in business, he is immensely proud of the achievements he and his team have made. read more

Even the US has Noticed

UK engineering  suffers a chronic image problem


by Stephen Castle New York Times 3 February 2013

Engineering has never been truly prestigious in Britain, where traditionally many of the best brains have opted for careers in law, medicine, the civil service or the news media. Add to that the more recent lure of London’s financial sector, which, despite recent layoffs, still offers lavish salaries and bonuses.

It is little wonder that British manufacturing struggles to compete for the country’s most capable young people.

Though British design engineers in their early 30s can earn £35,000 to £45,000 a year — a decent salary in the northeast — the sector suffers from a chronic image problem. read more