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Engineers are wired differently

When it comes to solving problems engineers are geniuses. Our government and society looks to them to provide solutions to the big issues of the day, be they global warming, power generation, communications, infrastructure and many more.

So with such a reputation it’s surprising that there is one dilemma beyond the capabilities of this select group of resourceful thinkers.

“How to attract the young to join their ranks?”

Engineers work around systems, facts and figures but this is one situation where hard data won’t contribute to the solution. Attracting people into a sector relies upon softer values, emotional issues and factors that lie outside the professional comfort zones of most engineers. It’s something that can’t be measured or predicted. read more

The Importance of Making Things

‘Why would anyone in their right mind choose a career in engineering when effort versus return clearly favours banking, law, politics or medicine’   states David Watson in his letter to the Times January 8.

Well life’s not all about money as Stephen Bayley explains.  Making things is hugely gratifying to the individual but also to society at large.

The great changes to the way we live were not created by bankers, lawyers or politicians, but by engineers.

An Engineering Hero!

I spent nearly 2 hours chatting to Sir David McMurtry, founder of Renishaw earlier this week.

Renishaw founder Sir David McMurtry

The engineering community often complains that it has no heroes to be lauded in the eyes of the greater public. Yet if ever we had such hero it is Sir David.

From humble beginnings he has built a business with a global reputation in its field. In the last 10 years alone Renishaw has exported over £2 billion worth of products, helping counter our staggering levels of imports. In addition the company is a major employer in western Gloucestershire, offers apprenticeships and graduate funding yet 99% of the British public will never have heard of this quiet, understated man. Shrewd in business, he is immensely proud of the achievements he and his team have made. read more