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The French do it Better


Engineers demonstrate their joie de vivre.

In France Engineering has long been a respected profession; a profession which attracts both men and women.

Here in the UK many large engineering companies are finding it difficult to recruit the very brightest minds and wondering why? Well a big factor is undoubtedly the way you communicate with your audience  – old ways no longer work with today’s media savvy kids.

UK engineers tend to focus on facts – how big the company is, how clever its products are, how many offices, how many employees, its systems and specific job descriptions all presented in a soulless manner. read more

Engineers must get Emotional

If engineering is serious about attracting more of the young, and women in particular, to the profession then it is missing a key factor… emotion!

Check the video to see why and how?

Barrie Weaver April 2016

Apple’s Engineering

Apple designs, develops, and manufactures the most used and loved products in the world yet rarely do we get any insight into how these products evolve.

Since the company is highly secretive about all new development a peek into just one aspect of their design and engineering facilities is rare indeed.


Steven Levy’s recent article on BackChannel gives us an insight into the refinement that goes into any Apple creation, in this case something as simple as the touch of a keyboard.

A whole team of people just studying the movement of fingers on a key-pad.

It’s a level of detail we take for granted and yet it is those user experiences that subliminally enhance our whole relationship with the product. In the words of their career page – read more

Will.i.am stresses the social value of Engineering

As Will.i.am said

“most kids today aren’t dreaming of being programmers, scientists or engineers………

but manufacturing gives people dignity and pride that they make things that are needed and desired ” 

will-i-am green
Will.i.am rightly highlighted that many young men and women lack a sense of purpose in today’s world.

A few decades ago that purpose could well have come from a vast array of manufacturing industries that built the country’s wealth.

It might have been tough, sometimes dirty, work but there was an underlying pride and camaraderie in making things that society needed.

With 90% of traditional manufacturing gone, engineering in the UK has changed dramatically; but it does exist.  And it is still about developing and making things that have a value to today’s society. read more