"thanks to technology, we can instantly communicate across the world, but it still doesn't help us know what to say."
Jonathan Sacks

Presenting Engineering

In this age of image and media engineering companies are underselling themselves. They are failing to present the skills and creativity of their teams in ways which convey the human value of their work, their material contribution to society, and the individual importance of each team member. 

There is a need for a pride  not just in what you do, but in why you do it, and who does it. A more human engineering.


How we do it

Using our engineering backgrounds we can quickly understand and appreciate your business. 

We’ll help you create communications specifically focused on the man in the street. We’ll create copy, info graphics, photography and all the content that make up this new communication.

We’ll suggest ways in which it can be integrated into your media presence, or if you don't have one help you to create it.The most important thing is to create content which resonates with the outside world and to use media channels that reach the young of today - social media and apps.

We work with companies to highlight the social value of what they do and most importantly why they do it, in an appealing and accessible way,  to capture the attention of those in a position of media influence.
We fill in the missing half. 

Process & systems

What you do and how you do it. Controls, equipment and efficiency

Data & specification

The end result. Intellectual property, specification and performance.

Technical parameters and certification

Spirit & purpose

The creative thrust of why your organisation exists. Presenting how what you do plays a part in our day to day lives


Projecting your business as one which values its people and the energy they bring to the organisation 

Our Insight

We don't create a website full of facts and data – you’ve most certainly got one already. Instead we aim to augment your B2B material with human communication that conveys the essence of the work you do, why you do it, the people who make it happen and it’s value to society.

We use our consumer sector experience to present your company's values using imagination and creative thinking. Most importantly we avoid jargon and management speak because let's face it, it’s a total turn off.

In so doing not only are we presenting your business to make it more relevant and interesting to potential employees but by emphasising the contribution of your current team we project your business as one which values its people. Putting you ahead of competitors in the talent race.

Given the choice who would you choose to work for? A company in which your contribution matters or one in which you are simply a number?

The tools we  use